3 Popular Website Platforms

Three of the Most Popular Website Platforms

Are you thinking about starting your own website? If so, finding the right platform for your site is key. A good platform can make your site easier for you to use, and can also make it load better for visitors. Here are three platforms many people have had success with.


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WordPress started life as a blogging platform; now it’s so much more than that. It’ll help you put together a professional, fully functional website. Its interface allows you to easily track what visitors are doing, and its widgets help your site to run as smoothly as possible. For example, there are widgets designed to make your page load more quickly or to increase your SEO.

Don’t shy away from WordPress just because you’re not planning on blogging. There are a number of templates available, and it’s a great choice for all kinds of sites.


Squarespace can be pricey, but it’s worth the money. It makes building a great looking site incredibly easy, and updating your site can be done very quickly. Even if you’re not tech savvy, you should be able to master Squarespace in no time at all.

Squarespace is the ideal platform if you feel like you need a platform that’s designed for site building novices. You’ll never feel lost with Squarespace. You’ll be able to use it to make exactly the kind of site you want to make.

Ruby on Rails

If you want to build a site from scratch, but would appreciate having some framework, Ruby on Rails is a fantastic choice. It’s designed to make writing code a breeze. It’s definitely not for non-programmers, but this popular program is used by many of the biggest companies out there.

Everyone from Twitter to the Yellow Pages uses Ruby on Rails. If you want to do it all yourself, there’s no better platform.

Of course if you don’t give a rat’s what platform you’re new website is to be built on and you’re going to give the work to a professional anyway, then choose the best website company you can locate in your area. Why choose local? Because you can eye-ball the designers and developers and have much more control over the finished product. It’s called accountability and the tyranny of distance is taken out of the equation.

Just make sure you choose a website designer who knows up-to-date with search engine optimisation strategies because you can build the prettiest website in the world but it means squat if no-one can find you!