How Good Are Google Hangouts For Your SEO?

Since social media has become an important part of the online realm, search engines adjusted and started to integrate social signals into their ranking algorithms.

How Google Plus Hangouts Can Help Your Business

Google Plus HangoutsIf you have a Google Plus page for your business, you can host Hangouts on Air with up to 15 people you can choose from your Google Plus Circles. The best thing about these Hangouts is that you can choose to stream them live on Google Plus and have them automatically uploaded to your YouTube page. A permanent URL is automatically generated for your hangout, so you can feel free to share it across your other social media channels, be if you want to invite your Facebook friends or Twitter followers in, or embed it into your blog.

How Is This Good for SEO?

By getting a permanent URL, you get one more chance to be found in search engines. They will crawl and index your Hangout page, then, if enough people share it across multiple channels, it may climb up into the SERPs for keywords that are relevant to the discussed topic, so you can get additional organic traffic to your business.

By uploading the Hangout on YouTube, you stand a good chance that people searching for videos on its specific topic find it. This is another excellent way to get more visitors to your web properties. All these visitors make awesome leads because they were already searching for the type of information you provide, so they are qualified to become customers.

Last but not least, Google Plus Hangouts are Google’s properties, therefore any SEO professional can expect them to have an influence on the rankings in this search engine.

Since such Hangouts are free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them as part of your online marketing strategies for your business.