SEO in a Rolling Penguin Environment

There’s no question that search engine optimization is as important as it has ever been. If you want to succeed in today’s business world, you not only need to have a strong online presence, but you need people to be able to find your online properties to go from being searchers to actual clients and customers. While many people are worried about what a rolling Penguin update from Google is going to mean to them, talented Top SEO Brisbane specialists are very excited about these changes.

There are several good reasons for this. The first is that it makes your SEO very easy to test in relatively real time. A true online optimization specialist is not going to only try one thing and SEO, Google, Yahoo: building blocks for your online marketingthen wait an entire month to see whether or not it worked. It would take an entire year to even test the smallest of changes, and that is simply not acceptable!

Now that Penguin is part of the regular update within a day or two a quality SEO specialist, or even an attentive webmaster can see how any new backlinks from other websites are affecting their ranking in Google’s search engine results. This is extremely powerful and allows your professionals to become even better at tracking what works and what doesn’t, and how quickly those changes can go into effect.

If a strategy is not working at all, you do not have to wait several months to find that out. On the other side of the equation, if you are getting some exceptional backlinks that are hoping to shoot your website up the rankings you will know about this almost right away. In addition to having the benefit of this almost real-time updating through Google, there was an additional change with this update which is making many webmasters extremely happy.

That change comes in how bad links are penalized. It used to be that the obvious spam backlink or backlinks from private blog networks (PBNs) and other poor sites could get an entire website de-indexed in Google. This not only was counterproductive, but it led to the massive rise of a questionable strategy called negative SEO. This is when a competitor would pay spammers to build spam me backlinks to the websites of all of their competitors, causing every single one of those websites to be penalized.

This doesn’t happen anymore. Thanks to the new changes, Google now can simply ignore individual backlinks and refuse to allow them to pass along any authority or ranking juice. This is fantastic because it stops penalizing individual websites or blog posts and tries to nip the potential problem in the bud. It also severely damages negative SEO and other similar underhanded practices.

While this can seem intimidating because of the havoc that the original Google Penguin update caused, this most recent update is the culmination of years of work to finally get the main goal done right.