The Top 5 Things That Are Working In SEO Post Penguin 2.1

What are the top 5 things that are working in SEO Post Penguin 2.1?

Truth be told, they are the same common-sense that always worked. It’s just that a lot of other things don’t work any longer, and that is why these are much more important.

A lot of the post-penguin Google search environment is based upon proper attention to your actual site, and not just the backlinks that might be calling attention to your site. However, to complete in any competitive market, some strong backlinks are still needed. Some less competitive terms might be ranked with few backlinks at all.

Onsite SEO refers to the things that you can do on your own website to optimise your results in the SERPs.

— Relevant content
— Proper use of keywords and phrases
— Good user experience

Relevant content does matter, and many SEO experts believe that longer articles perform better than shorter ones. Content should link out to other authority sites, and it should also site data from those good sources. Bullet points and subheadings improve readability and may score SEO points as well.

Sprinkle key words and phrases in your content. Just be sure you do not over do it. Make sure you use your most important term in your title, header, and at least one subheading. You can also use variations of the term.

A good user experience may also improve your popularity with Google. First, they may use your site’s bounce rate as an SEO factor. Secondly, they do employ manual reviewers, and you might need to impress one of them at some point.

Offsite SEO

Consider these two main points when coming up with a good offsite SEO strategy.

— Authority links
— Avoid bad links if possible

Of course, links still do matter. It is just important to try to get many links from real websites. You can certainly still use relevant anchor text, but you might be prudent to mix up your linking keywords. Sometimes just use your site’s name, a random word like “click here”, and even your site’s domain name or URL.

Try to avoid links from bad neighborhoods too. It is impossible for a webmaster to control every single incoming link. However, it is important to have more good links than bad ones.

You might also vary the type of links that you have. Some could come from pages on high quality web 2.0 sites. Others might come from other blogs, websites, or even social networking sites. Google seems to favor a variety of link types these days.

Good Post-Penguin SEO Can Be A Challenge

It is more challenging to do SEO in this post-penguin world. But the right SEO strategies seem to work amazingly well. Maybe this is because the spate of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates have done away with a lot of the competition. If you can keep up with this year’s update, you can do very well in the search engine rankings.

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